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Rahima Khanum Blood Donor Database


“My mother has been the inspiration behind this project. She passed away due to pancreatic cancer in 2017 and I remember how hard it was to arrange blood for her. Even though friends and family helped we eventually had to look for other donors. It was painful and frustrating to search for volunteers when all I wanted to do was spend more time with her. So I decided to help other people and make access to blood easier.” – Shams Khan (President)

Project Details

Most countries around the world rely on volunteer based blood donations but in Pakistan due to social reasons family or replacement blood donations are more common. As a result we have an acute shortage of blood in our blood banks.

To make matters worse, most of the blood donations in Pakistan are used by our pediatric population suffering from thalassemia and other blood disorders that require frequent transfusions.


Our solution is to create awareness and encourage people to donate blood – as much and as often as possible. The best donors are among the healthy young generation and this is our target audience.


Another problem is that of accessibility and reliability of donated blood. Often requests for blood donors circulate on social media groups and SMS which may or may not be helpful. And most of the time when a donor is found, their blood group doesn’t match the recipient’s or they are unable to donate.


To solve this, we decided to create an authenticated blood donor database. We setup camps where we recruit donors and verify their blood groups. We hope to make authenticated blood available to anyone who needs it by just entering the required blood group and their area. Our database will also keep track of the number and dates of donation of our donors to ensure their safety as well.

We have already held successful camps at various locations and hope to continue doing so. We also hold public speaking seminars to explain the blood donation process and change the culture regarding blood donation. Unfortunately under the current situation, we have paused these until further notice.

Give life by Donating Blood

Your donated blood can save a life, hence giving life to a whole generation to come. Here are some scientific facts that shows why Islam stressed upon shouldering the brother in need.

Infact, giving blood can actually help you in regulating your blood cycle.

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